Sprecher Brewings & Doings – CBS, Marquette, Snow

Our morning started out on a good note.  We woke up early to watch the CBS Sunday Morning piece on root beer, which  was really well done.  What an honor to be part of that show.  Week after week they have so many interesting stories.  BTW: If you didn’t see the root beer segment, or didn’t record it, you probably won’t be able to find it.   CBS only had rights to use some of the older material once and that one time happened yesterday.

Soon after CBS Sunday morning we watched another action-packed Marquette game which ended in a 4 point loss (to Louisville, a city where I lived for 5 years during my youth), causing Marquette to drop to #13.  If they pull off a victory against Pitt, that will be really cool.   UW-Madison did well yesterday.  They beat arch rival Michigan and are now contenders!

Fun bball stat fact I learned in the NY Times:  if a team is up in the 4th quarter by more points than minutes remaining in the game – e.g. up by 10, 8 minutes remaining – that team wins 80% of the time.

Snow, snow everywhere!  Got any interesting snow reports?  I’d love to hear them.