May is Military Appreciation month so send a good word, a happy thought, email, or special gift to U.S. Military personnel.  You can also join Sprecher in our goal to let the military know we appreciate them — send a Treats for the Troops package.  What’s that?  Twelve (12) bottles of Sprecher soda shipped to the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq for only $25.  That’s right!  $25 will send 12 bottles of Sprecher soda all the way to our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.

During May, Sprecher will match every Treats for the Troops sent, doubling the amount our troops receive.

So please, call our Gift Shop and order Treats for the Troops: 414.964.2739.   You can include a note and send the soda to someone special, or just send soda to the troops.

Posted by Anne Sprecher

Sprecher Brewings and Doings

08th December 2008

It was a really busy weekend at the brewery despite, or perhaps because of, the freeeezzzing cold temperatures.  Saturday the reserve tastings were totally booked.  These are cheese and premium reserve beer and cheese tastings held in the Rathskeller at 1:30 and 3:30pm.  Adults only!  Contact our gift shop for more info: 414.964.2739.

On Sunday, Soda with Santa was a HUGE hit with the kids and their parents.  Lots of kids had their picture taken with Santa and put on bottles of Sprecher Root Beer.  Luckily the parents got to enjoy the full line of Sprecher beverages, from soda to beer.

Don’t forget about Treats for the Troops.  You can send 12 Sprecher sodas to a special troop or troops fighting in Afghanistan or Iraq for only $25, shipping included.  Call the Sprecher gift shop for more details: 414.964.2739.





Sprecher Breweings and Doings

04th December 2008

Cool stuff!!!  Sprecher is part of the preview film shown in the Daniel M. Soref Planetarium at the Milwaukee Public Museum.  And what a great piece of footage it is…everything done in real time!

Would you like to give a gift to U.S. military personnel stationed in Iraq or Afghanistan?  You can send – yes send – a 12-pack of Sprecher gourmet sodas to our troops for only $25.  Yep.  Through the Treats for Troops program, $25 will pay for 12 sodas and shipping to troops stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Visit the Sprecher gift shop at 701 W. Glendale Ave, or call 414.964.2739 to place your order.  Remember to mention Treats for the Troops.  Nothing like a taste of home to remind our troops how much we appreciate them.