Back from the Fair

Fun! Fun! Fun at the Fair yesterday.  It was officially Sprecher Day.  So what happened?  Twenty-five people grilled their best recipe; amid stiff competition, the top three really deserved their awards.  And the grand prize winner – a filet with duxelle sauce – well, it is a winner.  Stay tuned, we’ll have the recipes on the website very soon.

Kids loved the games, the partner business coupons on our wall of coupons disappeared quickly (don’t worry; they’ll reappear on our website), many people had their photo taken with Rooty or the Sprecher Race Car, and the weather was great so the mood was right for perhaps the most popular event on the Central Mall — the Sheboygan brat eating contest.   Crowds cheered as 15 people tried to outdo each other.  Our winner ate a total of 8 brats, or 2lbs worth!  Only in Wisconsin?  I wonder.  This guy could go on to become a national champion.


Sprecher Brewings and Doings

This just in —

We’re bottling Sprecher Mai Bock and Sprecher Imperial Stout as I type!  Even though it’s only going to be 10degrees F in Milwaukee today, bottling the first round of Mai Bock means Spring is just around the corner.  What does the Mai Bock taste like?  According to Brewmaster Craig Burge, ” This year there is a refreshing hop aroma along with a slight sweetness in the finish that really brings it all together. Dry hopping this beer in the lager tanks is a favorite task.”  Regarding the Imperial Stout, Craig says, “I consider this a ‘seatbelt beer.’  Strap yourself into a chair or bar stool and get ready to take a wild ride of flavor explosion.  I think this is one of our best offerings to date.  The combination of as much roasted barley, different imported caramel malts, etc., that I can stuff into our mash tun plus the 8.0 abv really shows in the finished beer.”   More details about the general profiles of these beers can be found at

If you can’t wait for the 2009 Mai Bock and Imperial Stout to get on a retailer’s shelf near you, visit the Sprecher Gift Shop, 701 W. Glendale Ave, Glendale to get them fresh off the bottling line.