Sprecher Root Beer Everything at the 2013 Wisconsin State Fair

Sprecher Root Beer fans will think they’ve died and gone to heaven when they see Root Beer Everything.

On tap: Sprecher Root Beer and Sprecher Lo-Cal Root Beer

NEW this year: Sprecher Root Beer Floats!

Also available: Sprecher Root Beer, Orange Dream and Grape Sorbet


Sprecher Root Beer Cookie Mix

Sprecher Root Beer Topping

Sprecher Root Beer Float Mix

Sprecher Root Beer Mustard


Sprecher Root Beer Popcorn

Sprecher Root Beer Mustard

Must Haves:

Small Soda Cozy

Rooty Doll

LED Straw


Sprecher Landing at the 2013 Wisconsin State Fair

Hey Wisconsin State Fair Fans, Sprecher Landing is going to be better than ever this year.

Location: North Grandstand Avenue

Music Everyday:

8/1: Nora Collins (3-5pm) – Acoustic Country; The Thieves (6:30-10:30pm) – Rock

8/2: Katie Lafond (12-2pm) – Acoustic; V-Squared (3-6pm) – Acoustic; Lounge Lizards (7:30-11:30pm) – Acoustic

8/3: Adam Fettig (11:30am-2:30pm) – Acoustic Country; V-Squared (3-6pm) – Acoustic; Boomer Nation (7:30-11:30pm) – Rock

8/4: David Hall (10am-1pm) – DJ; Alyssia & JZ (2-5pm) – Acoustic Country; Boomer Nation (6:30-10:30pm) – Rock

8/5: David Hall (3-6pm) – DJ; The Jerry Gillo and Joe Kral Duo (7:30-10:30pm) – Jazz Piano

8/6: V-Squared (3-6pm) – Acoustic; Lounge Lizards (6:30-10:30pm) – Acoustic

8/7: Ethan Keller (2-5pm); Lounge Lizards (6:30-10;30pm)

8/8: David Hall (2-5pm) – DJ; V-Squared (6:30-10:30pm) – Acoustic

8/9: Katie Lafond (12-2pm) – Acoustic; Lounge Lizards (3-6pm) – Acoustic; Robert Allen Band (7:30-11:30pm) – Rock

8/10: Adam Fettig (11:30am-2:30pm) – Acoustic Country; Lounge Lizards (3-6pm) – Acoustic; Sunspot (7:30-10:30pm) – Rock

8/11: Adam Fettig (10am-12:30pm) – Acoustic Country; V-Squared (1pm-4pm) – Acoustic; Robert Allen Jr. Band (5:30-9:30pm) – Rock

Milwaukee Wave Fans — stop in and see your team! Members of the Milwaukee Wave will be at Sprecher Landing:

8/3 and 8/4: 1-3pm

8/10-8/11: 1-3pm

Need something awesome to eat? We’ve got it!

Pizza. Not just any pizza, but:

Sprecher Root Beer BBQ Chicken Pizza and Sprecher Spicy BBQ Pork Pizza

IPA2 and Irish-style Stout Beer Pretzels-on-a-stick

Root Beer Floats w/ regular ice cream, or Whiskey Ice Cream

Hard Root Beer Floats w/ regular ice cream, or Whiskey Ice Cream

Beer Floats

Generation Porter Chocolate/Raspberry Sundae

Root Beer, Orange Dream and Grape Sorbet

Beer Sorbet Pops

Soft Pretzels

Beer Flavored Kettle Chips

Beer Popcorn

Sprecher Draught Root Beer

Sprecher Draught Beer

Logo’d Walking Randal Infusion Cup







Sprecher Brats – What Flavors, How to Get Them

‘Tis the season for bratwurst and Sprecher has some of the most flavorful for you!

Gotta have a Sprecher Root Beer Brat
Gotta have a Sprecher Root Beer Brat

Neukirchen Wurst Company, an wee artisanal sausage maker, recently created four styles of Sprecher brats:

  • Black Bavarian
  • Special Amber with cheese and bacon
  • Root Beer
  • Sweet ‘n Sassy, Root Beer with a “little heat”

Here is a recent review in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

Because Neukirchen is a very small company, product distribution at this time is extremely limited. Currently, you can get the sausages at Sprecher Brewery, 701 W. Glendale Ave, Glendale, WI, when a representative from the company is here. You can also get Sprecher mustards and bbq sauces, Beer Flavored Kettle Chips and of course, the necessary beverages to make your bratwurst experience complete.

Neukirchen/Sprecher Brat availability schedule for the next three weeks.

3pm-6pm Friday July 26

12n – 5pm Sat July 27

12n – 5pm Sun July 28

3pm-6pm Friday Aug 2

12n – 5pm Sat Aug 3

12n – 5pm Sun Aug 4

3pm-6pm Friday Aug 9

12n – 5pm Sat Aug 10

12n – 5pm Sun Aug 11

If you have any questions regarding the brats, please contact Anne Sprecher at 414.964.7837 x252.




Draughts for Disasters: Coming Together for Disaster Relief

This spring the U.S. has experienced some catastrophic natural disasters, including F5 tornadoes and outsized forest fires. Local and national news have offered glimpses into these disasters, how families and communities have been affected — from trauma to pulling together. We’ve also heard on the ground reports from friends in Oklahoma who told us that even after one month, you cannot believe the devastation. Back in June we started planning a fundraiser for the Oakies and the Rockies (people affected by the Black Forest Fire in Colorado); then the Yarnell Fire that killed 19 Firedfighters occurred. So now, Draughts for Disasters will benefit folks in Oklahoma, Colorado and the families of the deceased Arizona firefighters whose lives have been epically altered.

This being Milwaukee, we are not doing the fundraiser alone. We have many local partners for this event, partners who didn’t hesitate when we asked including: Great Lakes Distillery, Bartolotta’s, Ferrante’s, Larry’s Brown Deer Market, SPiN, Beans and Barley, Rocket Baby Bakery, Il Mito, Sugar Maple, Donald Driver, Renaissance Theaterworks, Iron Horse Hotel, Cousins Subs, Sobelman’s, the Milwaukee Wave, the River Club of Mequon and several more who have donated food and auction or raffle items. But the event will not be just beverages, food and cool auction items. Yes – there’s more, there’s entertainment! Two WAMI award winners will perform, Ethan Keller and Katie Lafond.

We’ve got all the ingredients to make this one of the most memorable fundraisers ever, and we hope you’ll join us.

Thursday, July 11th   6-9ish pm

Sprecher Brewery, 701 W. Glendale Ave, Glendale, WI.

$20 – admission, two beers, live music, food, unlimited soda, raffles and silent auction.

Special Great Lakes Distillery-Sprecher cocktails will be available for purchase, as will wine, rail drinks, water and additional beer.

All money raised will be divided equally between the following non-profits: Operation USA (Oklahoma), Pikes Peak Community Foundation: Black Forest Fire Fund (Colorado), and the 100 Club of Arizona.

*Special thanks to Donald Driver who donated autographed copies of his Quickie children’s books, and James Jones who donated an autographed jersey. #GoPack!

James Jones Signed Jersey
James Jones Signed Jersey

Sprecher Hard Root Beer – Madison Locations

The day has arrived! Sprecher Hard Root Beer will be available at the following stores:

Sprecher Hard Root Beer
Cork N Bottle 855 E Johnson St Madison
Fuzzy’s Westside Liquor 531 A St Sun Prairie
Hy-Vee 3801 E Washington Ave Madison
Jenifer St Market 2038 Jenifer St Madison
Kopecky’s Piggly Wiggly 8 North Cty Rd M Evansville
LeCork Wine and Spirits 1204 Bus. Hwy 18/151 Mt Horeb
McFarland Liquor 4716 Farwell St Madison
Metcalf (Hilldale) 726 N Midvale Madison
Metcalf (West) 7455 Mineral Point Rd Madison
Middleton Good Neighbor 3111 Parmenter St Middleton
Mikes Wine Shop 2138 Regent St Madison
Miller & Son’s 210 S Main St Verona
Neil’s Fitchburg 3064 Fish Hatchery Madison
Neil’s Middleton 2415 Allen Blvd Middleton
Neil’s Village Liq (Waunakee) 204-BS Century Ave Waunakee
Party Port 2901 University Ave Madison
Rileys Wines of the World 402 W Gorham Madison
Star Liquor 1209 Williamson St Madison
Steves Liquor -Orchard Pointe 6227 McKee Rd Ste A Madison
Steve’s Liquor Store 3618 University Ave Madison
Steves West 122 Junction Rd Madison
Vic Pierce Wines Liqour 609 N Sherman Madison
Woodman’s #16-East 3817 Milwaukee St Madison
Woodman’s #20-West 725 S Gammon Rd Madison
Woodman’s #31-Sun Prairie 1099 S Grand Ave Sun Prairie



Sprecher Hard Root Beer – Where to Find in Milwaukee

Just in time for Valentine’s Day — because we love you — Sprecher Hard Root Beer will be back on the shelves and in many bars. Here’s a list of venues, many new, where you can score some of this awesomeness.

  • The Sprecher Gift Shop, 701 W. Glendale Ave., Glendale, WI

    Fr0m the Bottling Line to a Store Near You
  • Discount Liquor (both stores)
  •  Sprecher’s Pub & Restaurant
  • Otto’s
  •  Rays
  •  Woodmans
  •  Consumer Bevervage
  •  Sentry (State, Delafield, Port Washinton)
  •  Muskego Anichs
  •  B+S Timers
  •  Bluemound Liquor
  •  Shopko (Port Washinton)
  •  Mineshaft
  •  Fox + Hounds
  •  Y Not
  •  Maxwells
  •  Highland House
  •  3 Lions
  •  Silver Spring House
  •  Steny’s
  •  Hoolligans
  •  Sendiks
  •  Jeff’s Spirits
  •  Mars Cheese Castle
  •  Avenue Liquor
  •  Kensington Liquor
  •  Piggly Wiggly (Hubertus, Cedarburg, Saukville, Jackson, Slinger)
  •  Oklahoma Liquor
  •  Outpost
  •  Berts
  •  Peka
  •  Water Buffalo
  •  Sobelman’s
  •  Libby Montana
  •  Harley
  •  Barley Pop
  •  Anvil
  •  Anchorage
  •  Silver Spur
  •  Astor Hotel
  •  Buck Bradley’s
  •  Safe House
  •  Motors Inn
  •  Landmark Lanes
  •  Harrys
  •  West Bend Coutry Club
  • The Pfister
  •  Radisson (Glendale)
  •  Karl Ratzsch’s
  •  Brat Stop
  •  Gasthouse
  •  Fox Bay Grill



Rooty’s New York Adventure

Rooty had a fun weekend in the Big Apple– New York City– land of bright lights, big dreams, fashion trendsetters, investment bankers and a little bit of Wisconsin.

What kinda dogs you selling, Mister?
My Own Chauffeur

After walking several blocks he tried to trade some Root Beer and Rooty charm for a free Rickshaw ride. That didn’t work so he proceeded to the hot dog cart hoping for a bite of a genuine NYC hot dog. Alas, the vendor wasn’t ready to serve so Rooty wandered across the street to visit with a horse whose pulls a carriage (full of tourists) for a living.  Unable to talk the price down to something Rooty could afford (free), Rooty decided to hang for a bit and keep the horse company.

Could you take me for a ride around Central Park?
My Pal Terry

On Sunday morning  Rooty headed to the celebrated Kettle of Fish (57 Christopher St.) to watch the Packers play the Colts. As many people know, and many Wisconsinites set their alarm clocks for, the Kettle is the place to go for Packer games. Word of warning: all though the news is out, in case you weren’t previously aware, get there early or you’ll never get in.
All the bartenders and waitresses at the Kettle do a great job

My buds: Patrick and Adrienne

at keeping Packer fans happy. They sell Sprecher Special Amber, Black Bavarian and Root Beer; have cheese and sausage to snack on; and you get a Usinger’s brat with your entry ticket.  Including and beyond these goodies, the Kettle during a Packers game is a cultural experience. Another chorus of “I Love My Green Bay Packers,” anyone? Owners of the Kettle, Patrick and Adrienne, have put Wisconsin on the NYC map (in a good way).

Yum! Packer Fan Birthday Cake!
Look What I Found!
Rooty Tames a Fierce Fan

Growlers are Greener

Earth Day is tomorrow.  Got any special plans? For the past several years Sprecher has been actively making its brewing and plant operations more energy efficient, and we’ve substantially reduced the amount of packaging materials used as well as become more recycle conscious.  This weekend we’re offering $1 every growler purchased at the brewery in honor of Earth Day. For those who don’t know, a growler holds 64 ounces–the same amount of beer or soda in a Sprecher 4-pack. The difference? Not only fresh beer from the tap, but a lot less glass: one bottle compared to four, no paper products. And growlers are reusable. Wash them at home, bring them in for a refill. If you have a growler or need purchase one, stop in and get it filled. Save green — cash and our resources.

While you’re enjoying your fresh beer or soda, look around you and take a few moments to focus on the wonderful planet on which we live. Bird calls, rivers, grass, rain, sand, trees, oxygen…BTW: April’s Lyrid meteor shower tonight/tomorrow morning. Best view: look into a dark sky (no city lights), facing east.  Best viewing time: late night to early morning. You should be able to see 10-20 meteors per hour.  Cheers to that!

Why Wisconsin Is The Greatest State Part 1

“Anyone from Wisconsin will not hesitate to give you myriad reasons why theirs is the greatest state in the US bar none.” I first read a version of this quote on a beer blogger’s site.  It rang true then and it still rings true. Why? Well, we’ve got the Packers, we’ve got brats and frozen custard, Summerfest, some of the best craft beer in the world, the root beer that made WI famous (Sprecher), and most importantly, great people.

On September18th Sprecher hosted #saveteecycle, a fundraiser that came about via twitter and social media to help a family whose home flooded during Milwaukee’s mini-Katrina on July 22nd.  #saveteecycle was literally the house that twitter rebuilt and the social networks twitter reinforced. But enough about the medium because that would be nothing without the operators, the Wisconsinites — individuals and businesses — who came together to help put this family back in their house and on their feet. If you’d like to learn more about the event and all those who contributed, just go to the blog: http://saveteecycle.org/.

During the month of September Sprecher held a food drive for the Hunger Task Force, a wonderful organization that has been overwhelmed since July 22nd because Milwaukee’s mini-Katrina devastated so many families.  Sprecher offered a Buy1 Get1 adult tour coupon to anyone who brought two non-perishable food items.  To date we’ve had two donation pick-ups, the first for 480lbs and the second for 250lbs of food,  a total of 730 lbs donated. Many thanks to all, especially the 30 school children who brought donations. We’ll leave the HTF donation box in our retail store for a few more days.

Sure Wisconsin has its share of problems; however, not so small examples like those above demonstrate that we also have big-hearted people who make our claim to be the greatest state a legitimate one.