Sprecher Brats – What Flavors, How to Get Them

‘Tis the season for bratwurst and Sprecher has some of the most flavorful for you!

Gotta have a Sprecher Root Beer Brat
Gotta have a Sprecher Root Beer Brat

Neukirchen Wurst Company, an wee artisanal sausage maker, recently created four styles of Sprecher brats:

  • Black Bavarian
  • Special Amber with cheese and bacon
  • Root Beer
  • Sweet ‘n Sassy, Root Beer with a “little heat”

Here is a recent review in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

Because Neukirchen is a very small company, product distribution at this time is extremely limited. Currently, you can get the sausages at Sprecher Brewery, 701 W. Glendale Ave, Glendale, WI, when a representative from the company is here. You can also get Sprecher mustards and bbq sauces, Beer Flavored Kettle Chips and of course, the necessary beverages to make your bratwurst experience complete.

Neukirchen/Sprecher Brat availability schedule for the next three weeks.

3pm-6pm Friday July 26

12n – 5pm Sat July 27

12n – 5pm Sun July 28

3pm-6pm Friday Aug 2

12n – 5pm Sat Aug 3

12n – 5pm Sun Aug 4

3pm-6pm Friday Aug 9

12n – 5pm Sat Aug 10

12n – 5pm Sun Aug 11

If you have any questions regarding the brats, please contact Anne Sprecher at 414.964.7837 x252.




Sprecher Hard Root Beer – Where to Find in Milwaukee

Just in time for Valentine’s Day — because we love you — Sprecher Hard Root Beer will be back on the shelves and in many bars. Here’s a list of venues, many new, where you can score some of this awesomeness.

  • The Sprecher Gift Shop, 701 W. Glendale Ave., Glendale, WI

    Fr0m the Bottling Line to a Store Near You
  • Discount Liquor (both stores)
  •  Sprecher’s Pub & Restaurant
  • Otto’s
  •  Rays
  •  Woodmans
  •  Consumer Bevervage
  •  Sentry (State, Delafield, Port Washinton)
  •  Muskego Anichs
  •  B+S Timers
  •  Bluemound Liquor
  •  Shopko (Port Washinton)
  •  Mineshaft
  •  Fox + Hounds
  •  Y Not
  •  Maxwells
  •  Highland House
  •  3 Lions
  •  Silver Spring House
  •  Steny’s
  •  Hoolligans
  •  Sendiks
  •  Jeff’s Spirits
  •  Mars Cheese Castle
  •  Avenue Liquor
  •  Kensington Liquor
  •  Piggly Wiggly (Hubertus, Cedarburg, Saukville, Jackson, Slinger)
  •  Oklahoma Liquor
  •  Outpost
  •  Berts
  •  Peka
  •  Water Buffalo
  •  Sobelman’s
  •  Libby Montana
  •  Harley
  •  Barley Pop
  •  Anvil
  •  Anchorage
  •  Silver Spur
  •  Astor Hotel
  •  Buck Bradley’s
  •  Safe House
  •  Motors Inn
  •  Landmark Lanes
  •  Harrys
  •  West Bend Coutry Club
  • The Pfister
  •  Radisson (Glendale)
  •  Karl Ratzsch’s
  •  Brat Stop
  •  Gasthouse
  •  Fox Bay Grill



Sprecher Brewings and Doings

The holidays are coming and so is Santa.  That’s right!  Santa will be at Sprecher on Sunday, November 29th, December 6th, and December 13th.  Bring the kids, have a photo, take a tour and enjoy our annual “Soda with Santa” event.

For reservations and more information, contact the Sprecher Gift Shop at: 414.964.2739.

p.s. Santa’s beard is real, so don’t pull it too hard!

Sprecher Brewings and Doings

The weekend is fast approaching, so we must cheer: High School playoffs; the Badgers (On Wisconsin!); and the Packers (dunh, dunh, da…Go Pack Go!).   Our friends at ESPN 540 are covering all the Homestead Highlanders Division 1 playoff games (with a little support from Sprecher) since Homestead won’t be able to play any games on their home field (paperwork snafu).  For those of you not near a radio during game time, here’s a hint:  you can get the playoff Sprecher tour special (buy 1 get 1 free) by calling 414.964.2739 and saying the magic words: “Division 1 Playoffs!” when you make your tour reservations.

Indeed, it’s Halloween weekend.  Ghosts and goblins of all ages are welcome to take the extra scary tours, full of treats; no tricks.  Sprecher is a Halloween Safe Spot again this year. P.S. It’s officially trick or treat in Glendale 1-4pm on Saturday so you can score some extra candy from the neighbors when you visit the brewery.

Football, Halloween, Fall…its time for some great beers that compliment the sports, weather, foods and smells of the season.  Recently bottled: Sprecher Dopple Bock.  If you like a smooth lager with suggestions of caramel and dark roasted malts, try this divine beverage in a snifter or wine glass.  At 8.0% ABV, this is a great beer for lingering over.  Serve it at 50-60 degrees for maximum aromatics and flavor.  Great match for steaks and stews, or after dinner dark chocolates.  Also available: Bourbon Barrel Aged Dopple Bock…total treat.

Not seen since the 90s, but back in the bottle now: Sprecher Dunkle Weizen.  Note the intriguing spelling.  That’s the only thing that’s a wee bit different.  That and the fact it’s available in a 12oz bottle in the Sprecher Gift Shop.  This is the same classic dark roasted malt ale that is the ultimate session beer for this time of year.  4.65% ABV, serve at 45-50 degrees.  Drink with good friends and great food.

Sprecher Brewings & Doings

Shop local and keep $0.68 of every dollar spent in the local economy.  Our Milwaukee, an alliance of locally owned businesses that collaborate and celebrate the diversity of local enterprise, is hosting a Buy Local Week, May 18-24.  Nearly 30businesses that belong to Our Milwaukee are offering discounts on their products.  Sprecher is one of those businesses, and you can get $1 off tours on Friday or Saturday, May 22 and 23.   Others include Outpost, Beans and Barley, the Pabst Theatre, Cafe Hollender, Spring City Flowers, Alterra, Murry Hill Pottery Works.  Stop, shop and support locally-owned businesses.  In the meantime, learn more about special offers during this week by visiting Our Milwaukee at: http://ourmilwaukee.net.

Sprecher Brewings and Doings

Hi Everyone,

Last night Randy and I had a Sprecher beer tasting at a great little beer bar in San Luis Obispo, California,  — Spikes Pub, 570 Higuera St.  For a Monday night there was a pretty big crowd of beer lovers.  Spikes had Abbey Triple, IPA2, Black Bavarian and our new EPA on tap.  Plus, Randy being Randy, he had many bottles of other goodies to share.  While the central coast has many good beers available, most had never tried Sprecher so they really appreciated the taste revelation.  Needless to say, a good time was had by all.  Favorite beers on tap (in order) = Abbey Triple, Black Bavarian, IPA2 and EPA.  Generation Porter was a crowd pleaser (too bad we only made 300 cases this year), as were the Bourbon Barrel aged Scotch Ale and Imperial Stout.  For those who live in the central coast, you can find Sprecher sodas at Bev Mo in SLO.  As for our beers, try Spikes, Creekside Brew Pub and Club Car.

At the brewery in Glendale: this Friday, February 27th, is the official Sprecher Irish Stout release party!  Food, music, fun, blarney, Irish Stout and a firkin! On St. Paddy’s Day proper, we’re offering tours and Irish fun starting at 3pm.  Call 414.964.2739 for more information and reservations.  Why Milwaukee hasn’t made St. Paddy’s Day an official holiday, I’m not sure; Milwaukeeans certainly party as if it were!

Kid Stuff: You can now have your child’s birthday party at Sprecher! No kidding!  Michelle Brzek will help you plan the event from start to finish so you are assured of having the best birthday party ever.  Bring in the clowns, the games, the cake and ice cream; we’ve got the soda!  And we’ve got a wonderful staff who will take care of set-up and clean-up so you don’t have to worry about anything but your child’s happiness on this special day.  Party favors?  You need them, we’ve got them: personalized bottles of Sprecher soda.  Bring in your favorite photograph of your birthday child and we’ll put it on a bottles of Sprecher Root Beer, Orange Dream, Cream Soda, whichever soda you like.  Contact the Sprecher Gift Shop, 414.964.2739.

The Easter Bunny is coming to Sprecher!  Indeed, the Easter Bunny has taken time out of its busy schedule to visit Sprecher on three Sundays: March 22, March 29 and April 5.  Take a tour, visit with the big bunny and get your souvenir photo!  Create memorable fun regardless of your age (= not for kids only).  You can also have your photograph placed on a bottles of Sprecher Root Beer or Cherry Cola.  Priceless, but for you, only $2.00/bottle, minimum order of 12 bottles.  Contact the Sprecher Gift Shop, 414.964.2739.



p.s. I just joined a fun (and informative) beer website: The Aleuminati-the not so secret society of better beer drinkers — aleuminati.ning.com.  Check it out!

Sprecher Brewings and Doings

Join us Friday evening, February 27th, for the official 2009 Sprecher Irish Stout release party!  We’ll have a band, appetizers, and of course, fabulous Sprecher Irish Stout.  Plus!  Only at this release party — a firkin of Irish Stout tapped at some point during the evening for all to enjoy.  Location: Sprecher Brewing Company, 701 W. Glendale Ave, Glendale, WI.  Party begins at 6:30pm, lasts until midnight.  Cost: $10.  For more details, contact the Sprecher Gift Shop: 414.964.2739.

Extra Tours on St. Paddy’s Day!  Tuesday, March 17th, we’re offering two special afternoon tours: 3:00 and 4:00pm.  Join us for some (more) Sprecher Irish Stout, Irish music, blarney and happy St. Paddy’s Day revelers, truly a memorable Milwaukee experience.  Tours at Sprecher Brewing Company, 701 W. Glendale Ave, Glendale, WI.  Reservations required so call the Sprecher Gift Shop: 414.964.2739. Cost: Adults $4, Seniors $3, Minors $2, Persons with U.S. Military ID are free.

In California: Randy Sprecher will give a sampling of Sprecher beers at Spike’s Pub, 570 Higuera St., San Luis Obispo, on Monday, February 23rd  beginning at 7pm.  Join the Head Brewmaster and Founder of Sprecher Brewing Company for an evening of great beers, engaging tales, and fun.



Sprecher Brewings and Doings

This just in —

We’re bottling Sprecher Mai Bock and Sprecher Imperial Stout as I type!  Even though it’s only going to be 10degrees F in Milwaukee today, bottling the first round of Mai Bock means Spring is just around the corner.  What does the Mai Bock taste like?  According to Brewmaster Craig Burge, ” This year there is a refreshing hop aroma along with a slight sweetness in the finish that really brings it all together. Dry hopping this beer in the lager tanks is a favorite task.”  Regarding the Imperial Stout, Craig says, “I consider this a ‘seatbelt beer.’  Strap yourself into a chair or bar stool and get ready to take a wild ride of flavor explosion.  I think this is one of our best offerings to date.  The combination of as much roasted barley, different imported caramel malts, etc., that I can stuff into our mash tun plus the 8.0 abv really shows in the finished beer.”   More details about the general profiles of these beers can be found at www.sprecherbrewery.com.

If you can’t wait for the 2009 Mai Bock and Imperial Stout to get on a retailer’s shelf near you, visit the Sprecher Gift Shop, 701 W. Glendale Ave, Glendale to get them fresh off the bottling line.



Sprecher Brewings and Doings

It was a really busy weekend at the brewery despite, or perhaps because of, the freeeezzzing cold temperatures.  Saturday the reserve tastings were totally booked.  These are cheese and premium reserve beer and cheese tastings held in the Rathskeller at 1:30 and 3:30pm.  Adults only!  Contact our gift shop for more info: 414.964.2739.

On Sunday, Soda with Santa was a HUGE hit with the kids and their parents.  Lots of kids had their picture taken with Santa and put on bottles of Sprecher Root Beer.  Luckily the parents got to enjoy the full line of Sprecher beverages, from soda to beer.

Don’t forget about Treats for the Troops.  You can send 12 Sprecher sodas to a special troop or troops fighting in Afghanistan or Iraq for only $25, shipping included.  Call the Sprecher gift shop for more details: 414.964.2739.