Sprecher Hard Root Beer – Where to Find in Milwaukee

Just in time for Valentine’s Day — because we love you — Sprecher Hard Root Beer will be back on the shelves and in many bars. Here’s a list of venues, many new, where you can score some of this awesomeness.

  • The Sprecher Gift Shop, 701 W. Glendale Ave., Glendale, WI

    Fr0m the Bottling Line to a Store Near You
  • Discount Liquor (both stores)
  •  Sprecher’s Pub & Restaurant
  • Otto’s
  •  Rays
  •  Woodmans
  •  Consumer Bevervage
  •  Sentry (State, Delafield, Port Washinton)
  •  Muskego Anichs
  •  B+S Timers
  •  Bluemound Liquor
  •  Shopko (Port Washinton)
  •  Mineshaft
  •  Fox + Hounds
  •  Y Not
  •  Maxwells
  •  Highland House
  •  3 Lions
  •  Silver Spring House
  •  Steny’s
  •  Hoolligans
  •  Sendiks
  •  Jeff’s Spirits
  •  Mars Cheese Castle
  •  Avenue Liquor
  •  Kensington Liquor
  •  Piggly Wiggly (Hubertus, Cedarburg, Saukville, Jackson, Slinger)
  •  Oklahoma Liquor
  •  Outpost
  •  Berts
  •  Peka
  •  Water Buffalo
  •  Sobelman’s
  •  Libby Montana
  •  Harley
  •  Barley Pop
  •  Anvil
  •  Anchorage
  •  Silver Spur
  •  Astor Hotel
  •  Buck Bradley’s
  •  Safe House
  •  Motors Inn
  •  Landmark Lanes
  •  Harrys
  •  West Bend Coutry Club
  • The Pfister
  •  Radisson (Glendale)
  •  Karl Ratzsch’s
  •  Brat Stop
  •  Gasthouse
  •  Fox Bay Grill



Sunfest Craft Beer Festival Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha’s Beertopia has been hosting its Sunfest Craft Beer Festival for many years but this year they had something new to offer to the 700+ guests, Sprecher beer.   Since Sprecher products have only been in Omaha for a few months, Randy and Anne took this opportunity to check out the local craft beer scene.  On the surface, there isn’t much of a scene, but if you just scratch lightly, you’ll discover a few Nebraska breweries and a whole lot of craft beer aficionados. Among the best Omaha breweries we sampled  is Upstream; one of its brewpubs is located in the Old Market area downtown,  a really cool shopping/eating/bar district based in renovated warehouses.

Renovated Building in the Old Market Area

We’re told that despite the growing audience for craft beers in Omaha, only a couple of stores are dedicated to offering a broad selection of craft beers. We visited Brix on 170th St., and Beertopia on 36th and Farnam.  Brix is a gorgeous new store with everything for your party needs including a beautiful selection of beers. Beertopia also has a remarkably good selection of craft and import beers along with a knowledgeable staff.

Beer Tent at 7pm
Fun at Sunfest
Randy and Sprecher Fans
These Guys Know Beer

Beertopia is located on an unassuming corner with 3 other dedicated beer pubs: Crescent Moon, Huber House (German) and Max and Jo’s (Belgian). Coincidentally, Sunfest Craft Beer Festival took place in the parking lot behind this craft beer mecca. This was a perfect venue for the festival because like Omaha, it was unassuming yet surprisingly sophisticated.

In between introducing fest goers to Sprecher beers, answering questions, and having his photo taken with Sprecher beer fans, Randy sampled beers from nearby Nebraska breweries including Hopluia, Neraska Brewing Company (NBC), Gottlieb, a group of homebrewers and Uplands.  At the other end of the tent were notable breweries such as: Left Hand Brewing Company, Great Divide, Avery, New Belgium and more.  Contact www.beercornerusa.com for a complete list.

Of those he sampled, Randy’s favorite beer was a Dortmunder, which I believe was made by the homebrewers who also made some nice rye beers btw.  As for commercial beers, NBC’s Melange a Trois was outstanding.  Left Hand’s 400 Pound Monkey deserves praise for being a nicely balanced English IPA.  Honestly, of the 100+ beers available, many were more than respectable.  This is a festival craft beer lovers should put on their calendar because in addition to the usual suspects, several surprises are offered each year.

Thank you to our Omaha distributor DiLoranzo-Penke for involving Sprecher in this festival.  And thanks to all the great Omaha residents who love craft beer.  You do the industry proud.  More pictures can be found at the Sprecher flickr gallery, www.sprecherbrewery.com.

Sprecher Belgian Dubbel Release Party

This past Saturday we had the official release party for our Belgian Dubbel.  About 100 people showed up and a good time was had by all.  Charlie Jigs of Streamline Productions and WMSE DJ’d while guests hung out enjoying their Belgian Dubbel served in a snifter, which is the best glassware for this style of beer.

Randy Sprecher tapped the first keg, worked the bar and the room, then gave a tour of the brewery as only he can do.  Unfortunately, I neglected to get photos (sorry!).  However, our next release party will be our big 25th anniversary blowout featuring a Cherry Lambic and I’ll be sure to get photos of the party and partygoers.  Hope you can join us for this event — September 25th — at the brewery, 701 W. Glendale Ave, Glendale.

In the meantime, plan to attend the WI Summer Solstice Beer Lovers Festival this Saturday, June 26th, at Bayshore Town Center in Glendale.  Twenty-eight craft breweries and brewmasters from around the state will serve 100+ beers and 20 beer and food pairings to attendees.  There will be 2 bands playing during the event, which takes place 1-5pm, rain or shine.  Tickets are $50/person, or $90 for two.  They can be purchased at Sprecher, or at www.welcometoglendale.com.

Sprecher Brewings & Doings

Not that we hibernate 3/4 of the year, but it’s true — Milwaukee comes alive during the summer.  Today is the 34th Annual Locust Street Days, always a fun, neighborhood festival with great bands, kids activities, and lots of people out for a good time in the sun.   Can’t find Sprecher on the street?  Stop into the Tracks or Linnemans.  If you’re not down at the Lakefront but you like really amazing aerial feats, you might want to get yourself there quickly because the truly mind (and ear) blowing Air and Water Show is happening as I type.  Check out the website, and then go see it for yourself:  http://www.milwaukeeairshow.com/.

Now I need to step back in time.  On Friday night Randy and I attended the annual Greg (GB #85) and Nicole Jennings  party benefiting Habitat for Humanity at Merrill Hills Country Club.  ( I’m proud to say Sprecher was the official beer that evening. )  Several hundred party guests along with 50 or so Green Bay Packers such as Jennings, Jermichael Finley, AJ Hawk, Nick Barnett, Nick Collins, Aaron Rogers, Josh Sitton, Patrick Williams, etc., appeared to really enjoy the event which included dinner, a live auction, music and fireworks.

Far from being aloof, all the Packers I spoke with were really gracious.  Honestly, if you’re a Packer fan, the $100 ticket price is a small fee, especially since 100% of the proceeds are donated to Habitat.  I took a few photos, most of which look better on my phone, but here are a couple:

Randy and Greg Jennings
Randy and Nick Collins

I’m always struck by how different football players look w/o their gear on.  Jermichael Finley is very tall; it would be hard to mistake him for anything but a professional athlete.  Same with Josh Sitton who’s not exceptionally tall, but he’s certainly solid. But that’s not always the case. From the photos above you can tell Jennings and Collins are about the same height as Randy.  In fact, it would be easy to mistake them for just another party guest.  Quick Quiz — if the photos weren’t labeled, could you figure out who is the brewmaster and who the pro football player 😉 ?



Sprecher Brewings & Doings

Happy, happy, happy!  Sprecher now has a facebook page.  Become a fan, it’s easy.  Just sign up on our website:  www.sprecherbrewery.com.

No doubt about it, fall is here.   I think the weatherman’s having a hard time admitting it.  Today’s predicted high: 64F.  Not even close.  Glad it’s sunny out.  Another consolation, the trees are turning.

Have you ever noticed when the weather turns cold people get very interested in gastronomy?  For all your gourmets and gourmands, there are plenty of delicious events on the immediate horizon in Milwaukee.

This Saturday, October 10, stop by the Beer Appreciation Panel at Wisconsin Wine and Dine (Midwest Express Center) featuring Lucy Saunders, author, Grilling with Beer; Adrienne Pierluissi, Sugar Maple; and Anne Sprecher.  Sample and stimulating discussion, 12:45pm-1:30pm, at the Libations stage.  The whole event should be really fun.  Great chefs, demos, beer and wine samples all day Saturday and Sunday.  Visit http://www.jsonline.com/general/47060672.html to learn more and purchase tickets.

Monday night is not usually date night, but you might want to make an exception this Monday, October 12th, and head over to Dream Dance Steak restaurant at the Potawatomi Bingo Casino.  Chef Jason Gorman is pulling out all the stops — a 5-course Sprecher Beer Dinner featuring his signature award-winning New Wisconsin Cuisine paired with 5 special Sprecher beers. (See menu at: www.sprecherbrewery.com) Randy Sprecher will be on hand to discuss the beers and pairings.  Only $60 plus gratuity.   Contact Dream Dance Steak to make your reservation, 414.847.7883.


Our Milwaukee

Last night I went to a networking meeting for Our Milwaukee, a group of locally-owned businesses that support “buying local” whenever possible.  Milwaukee has a fascinating group of local businesses, including Alterra and Stone Creek Coffee, Rishi Tea, Gearge Watts China and Gifts, Beans & Barley, Outpost,  Sprecher and Lakefront breweries, Stan’s Bootery and many more that are listed at:  www.ourmilwaukee.net.   The hit last night was a fabulous presentation of beautiful and tasty gourmet chocolates from Indulgence Chocolatiers owned by Julie Waterman (www.indulgencechocalatiers.com).  Visit the website and you’ll have a feast for the eyes.

If you have a locally owned business or know someone in Milwaukee who does, visit the Our Milwaukee site, www.ourmilwaukee.net, to learn more about this great group of locally owned entrepreneurial businesses.



p.s. Randy and I will be sampling Sprecher beers in Chicago this evening and tomorrow afternoon.  Visit us at Sam’s on Macey (Sat. 1-4), Armonetti’s on N. Western St (Sat 1-4), Warehouse Liquors (5-8 tonight), and Printers Row (5-8 tonight).

Jason Wilde Rocks!

Jason Wilde was the kick-off speaker for Sprecher’s 2nd annual pre-season football and craft beer mini-camp, and he rocked.  Those attending were treated to a brewery tour by Randy Sprecher, and then an hour and a half person to person discussion with Jason, who spoke about the state of the team, flip flop Farve, Ted Thompson, and many other subjects.  Gracious and well informed, Jason was a star, as was his lovely and expectant wife, Paula.

Everyone found the evening to be beyond expectations.  Three sessions remain.  Next week it’s Bill Carollo, former  NFL ref (#63), and current head of the Big Ten officials.  If you want to know what officiating’s all about, come to Sprecher next Wednesday at 6pm. Visit www.sprecherbrewery.com to pre-register.

Sprecher Brewings and Doings

Back again…

Randy and I have been traveling a bit recently.  First to Maui for vacation, then I headed to Chicago for a fabulous Sprecher Sodapalooza dinner at Graham Elliot restaurant on April 30th.  In Maui we stayed with friends so got a nice insider’s view of the island; well, insider’s view for tourists.  Cooler and rainier than normal, the weather didn’t prevent us from enjoying beaches and the many microclimates of the island.  Randy had a great time body surfing at Little Beach in the Wailea area.  Unlike neighboring Big Beach, Little Beach is a nude beach.  If you’re thinking of going to Maui, now’s a great time.  Hotel and airfare prices are dropping fast, especially this month.

Chicago — what a great town!  And Graham Elliot restaurant is just as wonderful.  The dishes Chef Bowles comes up with invoke awe.  On the current menu you’ll find a Spring Pea Bisque, fresh as can be.  But this is not just any spring pea bisque as Graham Elliot’s version contains pink peppercorns, creme fraiche, pea tendrils and a homemade lavender marshmallow!  Surprised?  Try it.  The marshmallow melts while you eat the soup, creating a brilliant combination of sweet and savory.

Sprecher Soda Palooza dinner — the second special dinner Graham Elliot has done (btw: this restaurant will celebrate its 1st anniversary in June) — Fab-O!  First course: lobster with ginger ale;  Second Course: halibut with orange dream;  Third Course: pork tenderloin w/ fried pickle, grits and cole slaw with root beer;  Dessert: popcorn gelato (for real!) homemade milk duds, homemade peanut butter cups  with puma kola sipped through a straw of red vine licorice.   Chef Bowles and his team incorporated each soda as an ingredient in the dish, then served it as a pairing beverage.  They truly took Sprecher soda to a new level.

If you get a chance, visit Graham Elliot, 217 W. Huron St.   In addition to fabulous food, they have great cocktails and a really friendly staff.

American Craft Beer Week, May 11th – 17th.  Celebrate with us.  We’re offering special $1 tours.  Call the Sprecher Gift Shop: 414.964.2739 for reservations.  For more details about what craft breweries around the country are doing, visit the Brewers Association website, beertown.org.



Sprecher Brewings & Doings – SLO-IFF Surf Night and John Waters

Bummer that UW-Madison Men’s Basketball lost yesterday.  They almost beat Ohio.  Thrilling game, but a heartbreaker.  Randy and I have been really busy pouring beers and soda at the SLO-IFF.  But we did have time to see Wiener Take All, the dogumentary about racing dachshunds and their owners.  The film has a wry sense of humor, and probably won the hearts and minds of wiener dog afficionados.  In fact, there were several wiener dogs in the audience.  I admit, they’re cuties.  For the most part I thought the film was really well done.  Weakness = a bit redundant.  More editing would’ve helped keep me and other non-wiener dog devotees engaged.

Thursday night was Surf Night, complete with two Surf Films, Women and the Waves and Under the Sun, surfers in the films, Nat Young and his son Beau, and a surf party complete with a band.  I only saw the first film because I had to go set up for the after party, but thought it really well shot and edited.  Though I know nothing about surfing, I found the whole film interesting.   Former surfer and avid surfing fan Randy liked both films for many reasons, including the natural beauty they captured.

Afterward we poured at the surf party and met some very interesting people, including a couple from the movies.  BTW: Beau Young told me that Sprecher Orange Dream is “the BEST soda [he] ever drank, REALLY!!!”  He said it just like that, but with an Aussie accent.  No, he did not use the word “mate” in his declaration.

Tonight we’re going to hear John Waters talk, which should be interesting.  I last saw him up close and personal in the Baltimore train station in 2000.  No conversation, just a brush with greatness moment.  BTW: they’re adding a new item to the silent auction — A Sprecher Tasting Party for 10 with Randy Sprecher.  So if you’re interested in sampling beers with Randy, stop by SLO-IFF headquarters at 1021 Higuera Street, San Luis Obispo and put your bid in.  Can’t make it to the HQ?  Call your bid in: 805.546.3456.  Since the SLO-IFF is a non-profit, I believe the winning bid is tax deductible.

Also –it’s almost St. Paddy’s Day.  Stop by the brewery, 701 W. Glendale Ave, Glendale, WI for lots of Irish-style fun, fare and drinks.

And — 8:50am, tomorrow, WTMJ Channel 4 will air a piece on Sprecher Premium Reserve tastings, the delicious cheese and beer pairing option we offer in the Rathskellar on the weekends.  If you’ve never been and you want to get an idea for what happens, definitely tune in.



Sprecher Brewings & Doings — Wisconsin Artisanal Cheeses

Good News!  On March 25th, we’ll host the seminar Tasting Synergies, Dispelling Myths: Pairing Wisconsin Artisanal Cheese and Sprecher Beer, Spring version.  Join this knowledgeable and engaging group of presenters — Cheese Expert Sara Hill, Culinary Expert Lucy Saunders, and Brew Master/Beer Expert Randy Sprecher — as they take you on a gustatory journey via award-winning cheeses and beers.   For more details and to purchase tickets, go to www.sprecherbrewery.com.

Meanwhile, back at the Santa Margarita Ranch where Randy and I served a lot of beer and soda to the SLO-IFF (San Luis Obispo-International Film Festival) crowd…We had a great time.  Most of these Californians had never seen or tried our products and all were pleasantly surprised by the beers and sodas.

It was Tribute to the Stunt Cowboy night.  They showed films in a big old wooden barn, and guests got to ride a very old Disneyland express train.  Little did those passengers know the train would be robbed by cowboys on horseback as it chugged along the track.  Eqaually thrilling, two of the cowboys are brothers, Robert and David Carradine.  I don’t know much about Robert’s acting resume other than he was on Bonanza, but I’ve seen David in the Kung Fu television series, Yellow Pages adds and Kill Bill.  In person he looks exactly the same, should you have wondered.

The next morning we attended a screening of Mondovino,  a documentary about Robert Mondavi’s attempt to buy up many vineyards in France and elsewhere.   I enjoyed it, but you have to have patience for a slower-paced film.

Tonight we’re going to see the dogumentary Weiner Take All!