Sprecher Brewings and Doings

Happy Holiday Season to All!  Turkey day went well, although my turkey was done 30 minutes ahead of schedule.  Consequently, the dinner became another occasion when we realized that the food didn’t matter all that much.  We enjoyed some great beer though.  Recent batches of Black Bavarian have been excellent.  Randy declared his particular bottle worthy of an international gold medal.   We paired Black with a fabulous WI blue cheese, but I’m not sure of the name.  It also pairs well with Hooks Blue, another WI artisanal cheese.  Myself, I had Pipers Scotch Ale, which I think is a wonderful beer especially in the fall.

Another of my favorites — Dopple Bock.  Not too sweet, but with nice caramel malts.  A bit of burnt sugar taste intermingled with the soft roasted caramel flavors.  Tons of flavor and aromatics, especially if it’s not served too cold.  Tonight at the Mine Shaft restaurant in Hartford, WI, 22 N. Main St., Randy will tap a keg of Dopple Bock.  I’m not sure what time, exactly (6 or 7pm).  Join us for the fun.