Sprecher Brewings & Doings – SLO-IFF

Friday March 6 begins the San Luis Obispo-International Film Festival.  Opening night main event = an evening with Malcolm McDowell (best known for Clockwork Orange), receipient of the King Vidor award.  Saturday afternoon Randy and I will serve Sprecher beverages at the Santa Margarita Ranch for the Tribute to Stunt Cowboys.

Join us Sunday morning at the Sycamore Springs Spa, where we’ll offer product tastings during the Mondovino Brunch, which also includes a screening of Mondovino.

And course we’ll be at the Surf Night after party on Friday March 13th.

If you’re near the area, think about visiting some of the festival events and films.  They’ve got an incredible line-up of films, programs, activities (e.g., U-Edit a Hollywood movie, Movie in a Day Marathon), and top names in the business, including John Waters who will give a talk  (perhaps on Good Bad Taste) and also be at the pre-show reception March 14th.

Did I mention there are a lot of really good films at this event?  Shorts, documentaries, competition films, classics.  Myself,  I have too many friends with dachshunds to miss the dogumentary, Wiener Takes All, about the “surprisingly cutthroat world of competitive wiener dogs, a world that boasts healthy dachshunds and rabid owners.”

The SLO-IFF runs March 6-15.  Check it out at slofilmfest.org.

More immediately — Marquette Men’s Bball has a big game against #3 Pitt tonight.  Go Marquette!

Sprecher Brewings & Doings – CBS, Marquette, Snow

Our morning started out on a good note.  We woke up early to watch the CBS Sunday Morning piece on root beer, which  was really well done.  What an honor to be part of that show.  Week after week they have so many interesting stories.  BTW: If you didn’t see the root beer segment, or didn’t record it, you probably won’t be able to find it.   CBS only had rights to use some of the older material once and that one time happened yesterday.

Soon after CBS Sunday morning we watched another action-packed Marquette game which ended in a 4 point loss (to Louisville, a city where I lived for 5 years during my youth), causing Marquette to drop to #13.  If they pull off a victory against Pitt, that will be really cool.   UW-Madison did well yesterday.  They beat arch rival Michigan and are now contenders!

Fun bball stat fact I learned in the NY Times:  if a team is up in the 4th quarter by more points than minutes remaining in the game – e.g. up by 10, 8 minutes remaining – that team wins 80% of the time.

Snow, snow everywhere!  Got any interesting snow reports?  I’d love to hear them.

Sprecher Brewings & Doings

Well, the Marquette- UConn game was one of the best all year.  A heartbreaker for Marquette fans.  Dominic James certainly showed he has the heart of a champion.  Poor guy — a broken metatarsil early in the game and late in his college career.  Devasting though the injury was, Marquette rallied and so did James.  He came out on crutches and cheered his team on with such enthusiasm you could tell that even though he wasn’t in the game, his heart was.   And so were the fans, all 19,900+.

Stay tuned!  This team has more great basketball in store.  Go Marquette!

On another subject: Tonight is Sprecher’s official Irish Stout release party, complete with a firkin and the band Heat.