Sprecher Brewings & Doings

Happy, happy, happy!  Sprecher now has a facebook page.  Become a fan, it’s easy.  Just sign up on our website:  www.sprecherbrewery.com.

No doubt about it, fall is here.   I think the weatherman’s having a hard time admitting it.  Today’s predicted high: 64F.  Not even close.  Glad it’s sunny out.  Another consolation, the trees are turning.

Have you ever noticed when the weather turns cold people get very interested in gastronomy?  For all your gourmets and gourmands, there are plenty of delicious events on the immediate horizon in Milwaukee.

This Saturday, October 10, stop by the Beer Appreciation Panel at Wisconsin Wine and Dine (Midwest Express Center) featuring Lucy Saunders, author, Grilling with Beer; Adrienne Pierluissi, Sugar Maple; and Anne Sprecher.  Sample and stimulating discussion, 12:45pm-1:30pm, at the Libations stage.  The whole event should be really fun.  Great chefs, demos, beer and wine samples all day Saturday and Sunday.  Visit http://www.jsonline.com/general/47060672.html to learn more and purchase tickets.

Monday night is not usually date night, but you might want to make an exception this Monday, October 12th, and head over to Dream Dance Steak restaurant at the Potawatomi Bingo Casino.  Chef Jason Gorman is pulling out all the stops — a 5-course Sprecher Beer Dinner featuring his signature award-winning New Wisconsin Cuisine paired with 5 special Sprecher beers. (See menu at: www.sprecherbrewery.com) Randy Sprecher will be on hand to discuss the beers and pairings.  Only $60 plus gratuity.   Contact Dream Dance Steak to make your reservation, 414.847.7883.


Sprecher Brewings & Doings – SLO-IFF Surf Night and John Waters

Bummer that UW-Madison Men’s Basketball lost yesterday.  They almost beat Ohio.  Thrilling game, but a heartbreaker.  Randy and I have been really busy pouring beers and soda at the SLO-IFF.  But we did have time to see Wiener Take All, the dogumentary about racing dachshunds and their owners.  The film has a wry sense of humor, and probably won the hearts and minds of wiener dog afficionados.  In fact, there were several wiener dogs in the audience.  I admit, they’re cuties.  For the most part I thought the film was really well done.  Weakness = a bit redundant.  More editing would’ve helped keep me and other non-wiener dog devotees engaged.

Thursday night was Surf Night, complete with two Surf Films, Women and the Waves and Under the Sun, surfers in the films, Nat Young and his son Beau, and a surf party complete with a band.  I only saw the first film because I had to go set up for the after party, but thought it really well shot and edited.  Though I know nothing about surfing, I found the whole film interesting.   Former surfer and avid surfing fan Randy liked both films for many reasons, including the natural beauty they captured.

Afterward we poured at the surf party and met some very interesting people, including a couple from the movies.  BTW: Beau Young told me that Sprecher Orange Dream is “the BEST soda [he] ever drank, REALLY!!!”  He said it just like that, but with an Aussie accent.  No, he did not use the word “mate” in his declaration.

Tonight we’re going to hear John Waters talk, which should be interesting.  I last saw him up close and personal in the Baltimore train station in 2000.  No conversation, just a brush with greatness moment.  BTW: they’re adding a new item to the silent auction — A Sprecher Tasting Party for 10 with Randy Sprecher.  So if you’re interested in sampling beers with Randy, stop by SLO-IFF headquarters at 1021 Higuera Street, San Luis Obispo and put your bid in.  Can’t make it to the HQ?  Call your bid in: 805.546.3456.  Since the SLO-IFF is a non-profit, I believe the winning bid is tax deductible.

Also –it’s almost St. Paddy’s Day.  Stop by the brewery, 701 W. Glendale Ave, Glendale, WI for lots of Irish-style fun, fare and drinks.

And — 8:50am, tomorrow, WTMJ Channel 4 will air a piece on Sprecher Premium Reserve tastings, the delicious cheese and beer pairing option we offer in the Rathskellar on the weekends.  If you’ve never been and you want to get an idea for what happens, definitely tune in.



Sprecher Brewings and Doings

It’s a new week after the Thanksgiving holiday, which I enjoy because I like turkey leftovers.  On Saturday we started Sprecher Reserve Tastings, tastings for small groups in the Rathskeller that feature Sprecher premium and limited release beers paired with fantastic cheeses.   These intimate tastings are offered on the weekends. Contact our gift shop to reserve a spot: 414.964.2739.

Note: these Reserve Tastings are ongoing, and not the same as our December 10th event featuring Sara Hill, Lucy Saunders, Randy Sprecher, Wisconsin artisanal cheeses and Sprecher beers.  For details about the December 10th artisanal cheese and beer pairing event, please visit our website: www.sprecherbrewery.com.

For those of you who didn’t know, Sprecher Winter Brew is now available.  This winter seasonal is rather dark, smooth with a hint of burnt coffee, and a good companion during the snowfall, especially if you have to shovel!