Sprecher Brewings and Doings

Back again…

Randy and I have been traveling a bit recently.  First to Maui for vacation, then I headed to Chicago for a fabulous Sprecher Sodapalooza dinner at Graham Elliot restaurant on April 30th.  In Maui we stayed with friends so got a nice insider’s view of the island; well, insider’s view for tourists.  Cooler and rainier than normal, the weather didn’t prevent us from enjoying beaches and the many microclimates of the island.  Randy had a great time body surfing at Little Beach in the Wailea area.  Unlike neighboring Big Beach, Little Beach is a nude beach.  If you’re thinking of going to Maui, now’s a great time.  Hotel and airfare prices are dropping fast, especially this month.

Chicago — what a great town!  And Graham Elliot restaurant is just as wonderful.  The dishes Chef Bowles comes up with invoke awe.  On the current menu you’ll find a Spring Pea Bisque, fresh as can be.  But this is not just any spring pea bisque as Graham Elliot’s version contains pink peppercorns, creme fraiche, pea tendrils and a homemade lavender marshmallow!  Surprised?  Try it.  The marshmallow melts while you eat the soup, creating a brilliant combination of sweet and savory.

Sprecher Soda Palooza dinner — the second special dinner Graham Elliot has done (btw: this restaurant will celebrate its 1st anniversary in June) — Fab-O!  First course: lobster with ginger ale;  Second Course: halibut with orange dream;  Third Course: pork tenderloin w/ fried pickle, grits and cole slaw with root beer;  Dessert: popcorn gelato (for real!) homemade milk duds, homemade peanut butter cups  with puma kola sipped through a straw of red vine licorice.   Chef Bowles and his team incorporated each soda as an ingredient in the dish, then served it as a pairing beverage.  They truly took Sprecher soda to a new level.

If you get a chance, visit Graham Elliot, 217 W. Huron St.   In addition to fabulous food, they have great cocktails and a really friendly staff.

American Craft Beer Week, May 11th – 17th.  Celebrate with us.  We’re offering special $1 tours.  Call the Sprecher Gift Shop: 414.964.2739 for reservations.  For more details about what craft breweries around the country are doing, visit the Brewers Association website, beertown.org.