Quash the Proposed Beer Tax Hike

Tax the Abusers, Not the Producers or Responsible Consumers!

On Tuesday, October 13th at 10am, there will be a hearing at the State Capitol regarding Wisconsin Assembly Bill 287.  This bill increases the tax on a barrel of beer from $2 to $10!  The bill states that the 400% increase in taxes will fund drunk driving law enforcement and alcohol and drug abuse treatment programs.  It does not address negative ramifications from the increase, including a multiplier effect that reaches the end consumer, loss of jobs (at breweries, suppliers, taverns, stores), nor does it justify why punishing the majority is good for the minority.

We at Sprecher steadfastly advocate responsible consumption of any alcoholic beverage.  We do not feel that any Wisconsin brewery, retailer or  responsible consumer should be subject to increased taxation simply because some consumers act irresponsibly.  Increasing the tax on the product will not decrease irresponsible behavior by abusers.  Instead, increase the penalties on abusers who drive under the influence.  Make them pay for their mistakes and use that money to pay for increased law enforcement and treatment programs.

Contact your representative and express your point of view.  Join the rally against WI Assembly Bill 287 outside the capitol, 9:00am, October 13th.  Contact your friends and encourage them to express their opinion.