Sprecher Hard Root Beer – Madison Locations

The day has arrived! Sprecher Hard Root Beer will be available at the following stores:

Sprecher Hard Root Beer
Cork N Bottle 855 E Johnson St Madison
Fuzzy’s Westside Liquor 531 A St Sun Prairie
Hy-Vee 3801 E Washington Ave Madison
Jenifer St Market 2038 Jenifer St Madison
Kopecky’s Piggly Wiggly 8 North Cty Rd M Evansville
LeCork Wine and Spirits 1204 Bus. Hwy 18/151 Mt Horeb
McFarland Liquor 4716 Farwell St Madison
Metcalf (Hilldale) 726 N Midvale Madison
Metcalf (West) 7455 Mineral Point Rd Madison
Middleton Good Neighbor 3111 Parmenter St Middleton
Mikes Wine Shop 2138 Regent St Madison
Miller & Son’s 210 S Main St Verona
Neil’s Fitchburg 3064 Fish Hatchery Madison
Neil’s Middleton 2415 Allen Blvd Middleton
Neil’s Village Liq (Waunakee) 204-BS Century Ave Waunakee
Party Port 2901 University Ave Madison
Rileys Wines of the World 402 W Gorham Madison
Star Liquor 1209 Williamson St Madison
Steves Liquor -Orchard Pointe 6227 McKee Rd Ste A Madison
Steve’s Liquor Store 3618 University Ave Madison
Steves West 122 Junction Rd Madison
Vic Pierce Wines Liqour 609 N Sherman Madison
Woodman’s #16-East 3817 Milwaukee St Madison
Woodman’s #20-West 725 S Gammon Rd Madison
Woodman’s #31-Sun Prairie 1099 S Grand Ave Sun Prairie



Sprecher Hard Root Beer – Where to Find in Milwaukee

Just in time for Valentine’s Day — because we love you — Sprecher Hard Root Beer will be back on the shelves and in many bars. Here’s a list of venues, many new, where you can score some of this awesomeness.

  • The Sprecher Gift Shop, 701 W. Glendale Ave., Glendale, WI

    Fr0m the Bottling Line to a Store Near You
  • Discount Liquor (both stores)
  •  Sprecher’s Pub & Restaurant
  • Otto’s
  •  Rays
  •  Woodmans
  •  Consumer Bevervage
  •  Sentry (State, Delafield, Port Washinton)
  •  Muskego Anichs
  •  B+S Timers
  •  Bluemound Liquor
  •  Shopko (Port Washinton)
  •  Mineshaft
  •  Fox + Hounds
  •  Y Not
  •  Maxwells
  •  Highland House
  •  3 Lions
  •  Silver Spring House
  •  Steny’s
  •  Hoolligans
  •  Sendiks
  •  Jeff’s Spirits
  •  Mars Cheese Castle
  •  Avenue Liquor
  •  Kensington Liquor
  •  Piggly Wiggly (Hubertus, Cedarburg, Saukville, Jackson, Slinger)
  •  Oklahoma Liquor
  •  Outpost
  •  Berts
  •  Peka
  •  Water Buffalo
  •  Sobelman’s
  •  Libby Montana
  •  Harley
  •  Barley Pop
  •  Anvil
  •  Anchorage
  •  Silver Spur
  •  Astor Hotel
  •  Buck Bradley’s
  •  Safe House
  •  Motors Inn
  •  Landmark Lanes
  •  Harrys
  •  West Bend Coutry Club
  • The Pfister
  •  Radisson (Glendale)
  •  Karl Ratzsch’s
  •  Brat Stop
  •  Gasthouse
  •  Fox Bay Grill