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Shop local and keep $0.68 of every dollar spent in the local economy.  Our Milwaukee, an alliance of locally owned businesses that collaborate and celebrate the diversity of local enterprise, is hosting a Buy Local Week, May 18-24.  Nearly 30businesses that belong to Our Milwaukee are offering discounts on their products.  Sprecher is one of those businesses, and you can get $1 off tours on Friday or Saturday, May 22 and 23.   Others include Outpost, Beans and Barley, the Pabst Theatre, Cafe Hollender, Spring City Flowers, Alterra, Murry Hill Pottery Works.  Stop, shop and support locally-owned businesses.  In the meantime, learn more about special offers during this week by visiting Our Milwaukee at: http://ourmilwaukee.net.

Sprecher Brewings and Doings

May is Military Appreciation month so send a good word, a happy thought, email, or special gift to U.S. Military personnel.  You can also join Sprecher in our goal to let the military know we appreciate them — send a Treats for the Troops package.  What’s that?  Twelve (12) bottles of Sprecher soda shipped to the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq for only $25.  That’s right!  $25 will send 12 bottles of Sprecher soda all the way to our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.

During May, Sprecher will match every Treats for the Troops sent, doubling the amount our troops receive.

So please, call our Gift Shop and order Treats for the Troops: 414.964.2739.   You can include a note and send the soda to someone special, or just send soda to the troops.

Sprecher Brewings and Doings

True, baseball season is in full swing, the NBA playoffs are bouncing along, but football is making its presence felt on the sports pages, in the news, etc.  I bring this up because I recently read Brett Favre may or may not talk with the Vikings.  More interesting or less interesting than Manny being penalized by sitting out 50 games and fined 1/3 of his multi-million $$ salary for testing positive for banned drugs?  Brett v. Manny news — last year more interesting, especially to Packer fans; this year, less interesting and more like a Groundhog Day news report.

Sunday is Mother’s Day.   Whether you’ve already picked up something Mom will love or not, you can still surprise her with the affordable Mom’s Day Mini-Spa in Sprecher’s Rathskellar.  Check out our website for details: www.sprecherbrewery.com, or call 414.964.2739 for details and reservations.


Sprecher Brewings and Doings

CORRECTION!!!  American Craft Beer Week is next week, May 11-17th, not this week as I wrote in yesterday’s post.  Freudian slip; I think every week should be American Craft Beer Week.  Keeping with the officially designated week, we’re offering tours at Sprecher next Mon-Thurs, only $1, only at 4pm.

Are you attending the 2nd SAVOR, American Craft Beer celebration in Washington, DC?  May 30th.  Randy and I poured at last year’s SAVOR, which was a huge success.  This year Sprecher Brewmaster Craig Burge and his wife Laurie will pour Sprecher Black Bavarian and Abbey Triple.  Stop by and say hello.   For more information about SAVOR, visit www.savorcraftbeer.com.  BTW: SAVOR is sold out; I don’t think this is the kind of event where they have scaplers, but you may just be lucky enough to come across one.


Sprecher Brewings and Doings

Back again…

Randy and I have been traveling a bit recently.  First to Maui for vacation, then I headed to Chicago for a fabulous Sprecher Sodapalooza dinner at Graham Elliot restaurant on April 30th.  In Maui we stayed with friends so got a nice insider’s view of the island; well, insider’s view for tourists.  Cooler and rainier than normal, the weather didn’t prevent us from enjoying beaches and the many microclimates of the island.  Randy had a great time body surfing at Little Beach in the Wailea area.  Unlike neighboring Big Beach, Little Beach is a nude beach.  If you’re thinking of going to Maui, now’s a great time.  Hotel and airfare prices are dropping fast, especially this month.

Chicago — what a great town!  And Graham Elliot restaurant is just as wonderful.  The dishes Chef Bowles comes up with invoke awe.  On the current menu you’ll find a Spring Pea Bisque, fresh as can be.  But this is not just any spring pea bisque as Graham Elliot’s version contains pink peppercorns, creme fraiche, pea tendrils and a homemade lavender marshmallow!  Surprised?  Try it.  The marshmallow melts while you eat the soup, creating a brilliant combination of sweet and savory.

Sprecher Soda Palooza dinner — the second special dinner Graham Elliot has done (btw: this restaurant will celebrate its 1st anniversary in June) — Fab-O!  First course: lobster with ginger ale;  Second Course: halibut with orange dream;  Third Course: pork tenderloin w/ fried pickle, grits and cole slaw with root beer;  Dessert: popcorn gelato (for real!) homemade milk duds, homemade peanut butter cups  with puma kola sipped through a straw of red vine licorice.   Chef Bowles and his team incorporated each soda as an ingredient in the dish, then served it as a pairing beverage.  They truly took Sprecher soda to a new level.

If you get a chance, visit Graham Elliot, 217 W. Huron St.   In addition to fabulous food, they have great cocktails and a really friendly staff.

American Craft Beer Week, May 11th – 17th.  Celebrate with us.  We’re offering special $1 tours.  Call the Sprecher Gift Shop: 414.964.2739 for reservations.  For more details about what craft breweries around the country are doing, visit the Brewers Association website, beertown.org.