Hopfuzion = Easy Drinker

Back in August we got in a non-descript white van and headed to central Wisconsin for the Midwest Hop and Barley Co-Op hop harvest. Due to the drought, several farmers lost up to 2/3 of their crops. Even so, the hops were bountiful enough that we left with 300 pounds of Wisconsin Cascades that we immediately drove back to the brewery and put in the lager tank on top of an already aging batch of Special Amber. That batch aged 6 weeks more with the freshest of fresh hops giving rise to Hopfuzion, one of the best session beers we’ve ever created, a remarkably easy drinking Wisconsin lager with a smooth mouthfeel; fruit notes; dry toast and biscuit matliness in the middle; and a tantalizing hop bitterness on the finish.

Into the Harvester
Fill Hop Vine

Hopfuzion, 300 pounds of wet hopped WI Cascades in 22oz