Pipers Scotch Ale Turkey Brine

Brining adds moistness and the perfect brown skin color to your holiday turkey. And it’s easy to do. Basic recipes call for water, Kosher salt, pepper and aromatics. We’ve experimented with several brines and really enjoy this recipe made with Pipers Scotch Ale in place of water because it adds a nice hint of smokiness, more so if you cook your turkey in a smoker.

1 Turkey
2 Yellow onions – quartered
3 Carrots – coarsely chopped
3 Celery stalks – coarsely chopped
6 Garlic cloves smashed
3 Thyme sprigs
1 Tbsp each whole peppercorns, clove, juniper berries
2 Bay leaves

2 gallons Pipers Scotch Ale (plus some for the chef & dinner guests)
2 cups Kosher salt

1 Large pot or cooler to hold the turkey and brine.


1. Place turkey and everything but the Pipers and Kosher salt in the pot or cooler. Hint: you might want to use a trash liner to make clean up easier.
2. Place one quart Pipers in the microwave (or heat on stove) until it is warm enough to dissolve the salt.
3. Dissolve the salt in the quart of Pipers Scotch Ale, pour the brine solution over the turkey, then pour the remaining beer over the turkey,
4. Make sure the turkey is totally submerged. If you need more brine, repeat Steps 2 & 3.
5. If brining in a pot, cover and refrigerate (or store in a cool place such as a garage) 24-48 hours. If using a cooler, cover and store in a cool place.
6. Remove your turkey, pat dry (or rinse), allow to come to room temperature.
7. Heat oven or smoker as you usually would, or as instructed on turkey package.
8. Brined turkeys generally cook more quickly. Check an hour before recommended time. Use your meat thermometer to confirm doneness.
9. Remove turkey from cooking unit and allow to rest for 20 minutes before carving.
10. Serve and enjoy!

Party with Sprecher During Madison Craft Beer Week #MCBW #MCBW15

Greetings Madison Craft Beer Week Lovers!

Milwaukee Beer Week 2015 just ended and now it’s time to get ready for Madison Craft Beer Week 2015. What better way to start than with a Sprecher beer and Wisconsin artisanal cheese pairing, then head over to a Fish Fry? And this is just the beginning. Consult the list below for all the Sprecher beercentric events throughout this crazy fun week. More details and events coming up so stay tuned. Now Go Have A Sprecher! #MCBW

Friday May 1

  • Sprecher Beer & Wisconsin Artisanal Cheese Sampling, Metcalfe’s Market Hilldale, 726 N. Midvale Blvd., 3-6pm
  • Meet & Greet with our very own Ryan A., Beer Sampling and Special Amber Fish Fry, Come Back In, 508 E. Wilson St., 7-9pm.

Saturday May 2

  • Sprecher Pints for All Ages, The Roman Candle, 1054 Williamson St, ALL DAY! Guests 12 and under get a free Sprecher Root Beer; those 21+ enjoy Sprecher happy hour all day. Sprecher pints only $3.50.
  • Kick off Celebration and Cask Ale Fest.  What craft beer lover doesn’t relish a celebration and cask ale? Set your alarm clock so you don’t miss this one at the East Side Club, 3735 Monona Dr., 11am-3pm.
  • Micros at Maifest. Tis the season for spring seasonals, and Wisconsin craft brewers have some of the best available. Cheers while quaffing some Sprecher brews, including award-winning Mai Bock. Essen House,514 E Wilson St .. 11:30am-8pm.
  • Sprecher Sausage Fest at the Tip Top Tavern, 601 North St.. Hey dere! Tip Top Tavern made its own artisanal sausage infused with Sprecher beer. Doesn’t get more Wisconsin than that. Stop in and enjoy a few, paired with Sprecher brew. 5-9pm.
  • 6th Annual SCMG Presents the John Penton Story, Barrymore Theatre, 2090 Atwood Ave.. Like motorcycles, good films and craft beer? This film event is for you. 6:30-8pm.

Sunday May 3

  • Sprecher Beer & Wisconsin Artisan Cheese Sampling, Metcalfe’s Market West, 7455 Mineral Point Rd.. This Sunday we’ll make your grocery shopping a lot more fun. Stop by and enjoy free samples of Sprecher beers and Wisconsin artisan cheese. 1-4pm.

Thursday May 7

  • Sprecher Brings It To The Barn. 6:30-8pm. Only here! Only tonight! A special Firkin of Abbey Triple on Cranberries; and ’05 Abbey Triple we’ve cellared just for this special occasion.

Friday May 8

  • Hang with Sprecher’s own Ryan A. at Crystal Corner Bar, 1302 Williamson St . Maybe he’ll buy you a Special Amber. 6-8pm.

Saturday May 9

  • Rocked it all week long? Then it’s time to enjoy free brats, Sprecher beer, contests and Sprecher swag at Trixie’s Liquor, Madison East Shopping Center, 2929 E Washington Ave, 2-4pm. p.s. You’ll get to sample some Sprecher infused sausages made only by Tip Top Tavern.





Sprecher Root Beer Everything at the 2013 Wisconsin State Fair

Sprecher Root Beer fans will think they’ve died and gone to heaven when they see Root Beer Everything.

On tap: Sprecher Root Beer and Sprecher Lo-Cal Root Beer

NEW this year: Sprecher Root Beer Floats!

Also available: Sprecher Root Beer, Orange Dream and Grape Sorbet


Sprecher Root Beer Cookie Mix

Sprecher Root Beer Topping

Sprecher Root Beer Float Mix

Sprecher Root Beer Mustard


Sprecher Root Beer Popcorn

Sprecher Root Beer Mustard

Must Haves:

Small Soda Cozy

Rooty Doll

LED Straw


Sprecher Landing at the 2013 Wisconsin State Fair

Hey Wisconsin State Fair Fans, Sprecher Landing is going to be better than ever this year.

Location: North Grandstand Avenue

Music Everyday:

8/1: Nora Collins (3-5pm) – Acoustic Country; The Thieves (6:30-10:30pm) – Rock

8/2: Katie Lafond (12-2pm) – Acoustic; V-Squared (3-6pm) – Acoustic; Lounge Lizards (7:30-11:30pm) – Acoustic

8/3: Adam Fettig (11:30am-2:30pm) – Acoustic Country; V-Squared (3-6pm) – Acoustic; Boomer Nation (7:30-11:30pm) – Rock

8/4: David Hall (10am-1pm) – DJ; Alyssia & JZ (2-5pm) – Acoustic Country; Boomer Nation (6:30-10:30pm) – Rock

8/5: David Hall (3-6pm) – DJ; The Jerry Gillo and Joe Kral Duo (7:30-10:30pm) – Jazz Piano

8/6: V-Squared (3-6pm) – Acoustic; Lounge Lizards (6:30-10:30pm) – Acoustic

8/7: Ethan Keller (2-5pm); Lounge Lizards (6:30-10;30pm)

8/8: David Hall (2-5pm) – DJ; V-Squared (6:30-10:30pm) – Acoustic

8/9: Katie Lafond (12-2pm) – Acoustic; Lounge Lizards (3-6pm) – Acoustic; Robert Allen Band (7:30-11:30pm) – Rock

8/10: Adam Fettig (11:30am-2:30pm) – Acoustic Country; Lounge Lizards (3-6pm) – Acoustic; Sunspot (7:30-10:30pm) – Rock

8/11: Adam Fettig (10am-12:30pm) – Acoustic Country; V-Squared (1pm-4pm) – Acoustic; Robert Allen Jr. Band (5:30-9:30pm) – Rock

Milwaukee Wave Fans — stop in and see your team! Members of the Milwaukee Wave will be at Sprecher Landing:

8/3 and 8/4: 1-3pm

8/10-8/11: 1-3pm

Need something awesome to eat? We’ve got it!

Pizza. Not just any pizza, but:

Sprecher Root Beer BBQ Chicken Pizza and Sprecher Spicy BBQ Pork Pizza

IPA2 and Irish-style Stout Beer Pretzels-on-a-stick

Root Beer Floats w/ regular ice cream, or Whiskey Ice Cream

Hard Root Beer Floats w/ regular ice cream, or Whiskey Ice Cream

Beer Floats

Generation Porter Chocolate/Raspberry Sundae

Root Beer, Orange Dream and Grape Sorbet

Beer Sorbet Pops

Soft Pretzels

Beer Flavored Kettle Chips

Beer Popcorn

Sprecher Draught Root Beer

Sprecher Draught Beer

Logo’d Walking Randal Infusion Cup







Sprecher Brats – What Flavors, How to Get Them

‘Tis the season for bratwurst and Sprecher has some of the most flavorful for you!

Gotta have a Sprecher Root Beer Brat
Gotta have a Sprecher Root Beer Brat

Neukirchen Wurst Company, an wee artisanal sausage maker, recently created four styles of Sprecher brats:

  • Black Bavarian
  • Special Amber with cheese and bacon
  • Root Beer
  • Sweet ‘n Sassy, Root Beer with a “little heat”

Here is a recent review in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

Because Neukirchen is a very small company, product distribution at this time is extremely limited. Currently, you can get the sausages at Sprecher Brewery, 701 W. Glendale Ave, Glendale, WI, when a representative from the company is here. You can also get Sprecher mustards and bbq sauces, Beer Flavored Kettle Chips and of course, the necessary beverages to make your bratwurst experience complete.

Neukirchen/Sprecher Brat availability schedule for the next three weeks.

3pm-6pm Friday July 26

12n – 5pm Sat July 27

12n – 5pm Sun July 28

3pm-6pm Friday Aug 2

12n – 5pm Sat Aug 3

12n – 5pm Sun Aug 4

3pm-6pm Friday Aug 9

12n – 5pm Sat Aug 10

12n – 5pm Sun Aug 11

If you have any questions regarding the brats, please contact Anne Sprecher at 414.964.7837 x252.




#HardRootBeer Steaks with Gorgonzola Butter –YUM!

From our fb friend

Just made the most awesome steaks- With your awesome Hard Root Beer.

Here is the recipe.

1 bottle Sprecher’s Hard Root Beer.
4 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce.
3 tablespoons minced garlic.
2 teaspoons basil.
2 teaspoons salt.
1 teaspoon thyme.
1 teaspoon pepper.
In a large Ziploc bag Marinate 2- 4steaks for 2 hr. in this mix.

Mix 1 pound butter with 6 oz gorgonzola cheese, Chill.

Grill the steaks to your liking.
Top with gorgonzola Butter.

Draughts for Disasters: Coming Together for Disaster Relief

This spring the U.S. has experienced some catastrophic natural disasters, including F5 tornadoes and outsized forest fires. Local and national news have offered glimpses into these disasters, how families and communities have been affected — from trauma to pulling together. We’ve also heard on the ground reports from friends in Oklahoma who told us that even after one month, you cannot believe the devastation. Back in June we started planning a fundraiser for the Oakies and the Rockies (people affected by the Black Forest Fire in Colorado); then the Yarnell Fire that killed 19 Firedfighters occurred. So now, Draughts for Disasters will benefit folks in Oklahoma, Colorado and the families of the deceased Arizona firefighters whose lives have been epically altered.

This being Milwaukee, we are not doing the fundraiser alone. We have many local partners for this event, partners who didn’t hesitate when we asked including: Great Lakes Distillery, Bartolotta’s, Ferrante’s, Larry’s Brown Deer Market, SPiN, Beans and Barley, Rocket Baby Bakery, Il Mito, Sugar Maple, Donald Driver, Renaissance Theaterworks, Iron Horse Hotel, Cousins Subs, Sobelman’s, the Milwaukee Wave, the River Club of Mequon and several more who have donated food and auction or raffle items. But the event will not be just beverages, food and cool auction items. Yes – there’s more, there’s entertainment! Two WAMI award winners will perform, Ethan Keller and Katie Lafond.

We’ve got all the ingredients to make this one of the most memorable fundraisers ever, and we hope you’ll join us.

Thursday, July 11th   6-9ish pm

Sprecher Brewery, 701 W. Glendale Ave, Glendale, WI.

$20 – admission, two beers, live music, food, unlimited soda, raffles and silent auction.

Special Great Lakes Distillery-Sprecher cocktails will be available for purchase, as will wine, rail drinks, water and additional beer.

All money raised will be divided equally between the following non-profits: Operation USA (Oklahoma), Pikes Peak Community Foundation: Black Forest Fire Fund (Colorado), and the 100 Club of Arizona.

*Special thanks to Donald Driver who donated autographed copies of his Quickie children’s books, and James Jones who donated an autographed jersey. #GoPack!

James Jones Signed Jersey
James Jones Signed Jersey

A Mouthful to Say; A Great One to Taste

Want to say “YUM!”? Win friends and influence people?

Try this Hard Root Beer Beer Bread recipe created by Heather McConaha. 

Sprecher’s *Bourbon Barrel* Hard Root Beer Bread

2 C. Unbleached Flour
1 C. Whole Wheat Flour
1 T. White Sugar
1 t. Kosher Salt
1 T. Baking Powder
2 oz. Water
1 (12 oz.) bottle Sprecher’s *Bourbon Barrel* Hard Root Beer

Preheat oven to 375℉
Combine flour, sugar, salt and baking powder in large bowl.
Make a well in dry ingredients and slowly pour in water and Sprecher’s Hard Root Beer, slowly stir and mix until just combined. (Batter will be thick.)
Spread in a greased 8” loaf pan.
Bake in oven for 45 minutes, loaf should be golden brown and toothpick stuck in center should come out clean.
Cool in pan on rack for 45 minutes, then remove from pan and cool on rack additional 10 minutes.

Toast #AmericanCraftBeerWeek2013 at Sprecher, May 13-19

Sprecher Brewing Company–Milwaukee’s original craft brewery — celebrates American Craft Beer Week (ACBW) May 13th – 19th, with a host of special events. Spearheaded by the Brewers Association, ACBW is, “about uniting for a common cause: support and celebration of our nation’s small and independent brewers and the millions of beer lovers who have helped evolve an industry and put the U.S. on the brewing map,” said Julia Herz, publisher of CraftBeer.com and craft beer program director at the Brewers Association.

Toasting its brethren craft brewers and most especially its customers, Sprecher Brewery will offer “Cheers to American Craft Beers” —  a week full of on-site specials, giveaways, trivia contests and more.

At Sprecher Brewery:

May 13th – 17th (Monday – Friday)

  • Brewery tours offered:
    • 5/13, Monday and 5/14, Tuesday at 3pm and 4pm.
    • 5/15, Wednesday at 4pm.
    • 5/16, Thursday at 3pm and 4pm.
    • 5/17 Friday at 1pm, 2pm, 3pm and 3:30pm.
  • Free Brewery Tours
    • 5/13: Thanks for Your Support! FREE TOUR for anyone wearing craft beer gear. Enter to win a craft beer cookbook.
    • 5/14: Service Industry Workers, You Rock! FREE TOUR for anyone in the service industry (must present pay stub as proof). Enter to win a 4 pack of Sprecher Hard Root Beer.
    • 5/15: Salute to Our Military! FREE TOUR and PINT GLASS for all US military with valid ID. Enter to win a stainless steel growler filled with beer of your choice.

o   5/16: Bring the Girls out for a Craft Beer! FREE TOUR for all women. Enter to win your choice of a Sprecher t-shirt or a craft beer cookbook.

·         At 5pm, the first annual Toast from Coast to Coast takes place. Pause for the cause; raise a glass of your favorite American craft beer in a toast to innovation, great flavor and fellowship. 

·         From 6-9pm, The Stein Club will host its 16th annual Car Show in Sprecher’s west parking lot. A mere $5 gets you admission and four (4) tickets good for Sprecher beer or soda.

    • 5/17: Show Your Brew Crew Love! FREE TOUR for anyone wearing Milwaukee Brewers gear.  Enter to win a Sprecher t-shirt.

Brewery Tours Cont’d

May 18th and 19th:

Beer trivia contests during brewery tours. Fun questions; great prizes!

All Week on the Tour:

Mystery Beer on Tap. Guess the mystery beer and win a Sprecher Pint Glass

Guest Tap Beer: Fox Valley Brewing’s BLÜ (Blueberry Ale), a golden ale mixed with blueberry juice concentrate and natural extract.  The result is a light fruity ale with an enticing aroma and flavor of fresh blueberries.  Slightly sweet and highly drinkable, pours with a slight bluish stained color and dense white head.  Sprecher’s Abbey Triple, a Belgian style triple, will be the guest tap at Fox Valley Brewing.

Free Brewery Tour: The 10th person to check in on each tour during ACBW will get a FREE brewery tour.

In the Gift Shop:

15% Case Discount on a featured Sprecher or Chameleon beer.  

Sign the Craft Beer Manifesto: Join craft beer fans from across the country who, by signing the American Craft Beer Week Manifesto, pledge their support to craft beer and their love for the artisans who approach their craft with originality, dedication and passion.

The Declaration of Beer Independence is an integral part of ACBW. It has been signed by tens of thousands of passionate beer lovers, hung on the walls of brewery tap rooms across the country, and carried through the halls of Congress.

On Social Media:                 

Sprecher will host several contests on twitter and facebook during ABW.  Prizes include coupons for Tapas and Beer ($30 value), Premium Reserve Tastings ($15 value), a stainless steel growler ($32 value), and more.

Foursquare Growler Discount: Check in at the Sprecher Gift Shop with Foursquare and get $2.00 off growler fills. Fresh craft beer for less…Awesome.

Those interested in learning about all the events Sprecher has planned for ACBW should visit the website, www.sprecherbrewery.com; the Sprecher blog, blog.sprecherbrewery.com; www.facebook.com/sprecherbrewing; and @sprecherbrewery for the latest updates.

Also, this year Untappd, the mobile-based social network that connects breweries with craft beer lovers, will allow 2013 ACBW participants to earn a special badge for enjoying craft beer during the week.

Sprecher Brewing Company is located at 701 W. Glendale Ave, Glendale, WI. For tour and event reservations, contact the Sprecher Gift Shop: 414.964.2739.

For more information about Sprecher Brewing Company and American Craft Beer Week, contact Anne Sprecher at 414.698.8287, or asprecher@sprecherbrewery.com.

Sprecher Spring Vendor Fair ( a tour bonus)!

In case you wondered about our upcoming Spring Vendor Fair, here’s a little post with details.


Normally we would write a seasonal salutation along the lines of, “Spring is in the air….” However, due to many months of inclement weather we’ll start with a more appropriate introduction.


Dreams of Spring are In the Air! Crocus, daffodils, grass, chirping birds…someday soon they will arrive in Milwaukee, allowing us to put away our snow shovels and rain gear in exchange for gardening tools, sunshine and seasonal beverages on the porch.


Rain or Shine, Sprecher will host its annual Spring Vendor Fair at the brewery on April 28th


Throughout the brewery a wide array of vendors will showcase their products for you to peruse at your leisure. Temptation without unnecessary pressure, what a great way to shop!


Take a brewery tour, then while you’re sampling from 15 beers and 9 sodas on tap, wander about and check out what’s available. The selection of vendors has been carefully cultivated to offer you a wide variety of goodies you might personally enjoy, or that might be just right for your Mom.  Mother’s Day is May 12…you can do your shopping at Sprecher’s Spring Vendor Fair on April 28th.  Brewery tour+samples+ easy Mother’s Day shopping = Triple WIN! Added bonus: we’ll have a game or two on our high-definition TV = Home Run!



Cost: $5 adults; $4 Seniors; $3 Minors. US military personnel with valid ID are FREE. Includes tour, commemorative glass, samples and vendor fair. Tours are offered on the hour, noon-3pm.


Book your tour reservation online at www.sprecherbrewery.com, or call the Gift Shop at 414.964.2739.


Note: You can attend the vendor fair without going on the tour but you will be charged the tour price.


Sprecher Brewery and the Sprecher Gift Shop are located at 701 W. Glendale Ave, Glendale, WI. The Sprecher Gift Shop is open Mon-Sat, 11am-6pm; Sun, Noon-5pm.


Maker of award-winning beers and gourmet sodas, Sprecher Brewing Company is Milwaukee’s first brewery since Prohibition.  Established in 1985, Sprecher remains a leader in Wisconsin’s craft brewing industry.